King Teddy – Teddy Is King (Album)

King Teddy – Teddy Is King (Album)

The Afrobeat musician King Teddy, whose real name is Okene Benjamin, was born in Nigeria and has lived there most of his life. Teddy believes that music is a significant part of our culture since it serves as a symbol of enduring memories, an expression of inner emotion, and a celebration of life.

He strives to make his music a means of expressing feelings, finding inspiration, finding solace, and realizing fantasies.

With a blend of soul music and African sounds that offer calming melodies and passionate voices, the album “Teddy Is King” transports listeners on an African adventure. The album captures a variety of feelings; excitement, inspiration, and motivation for the world to enjoy.

The afro-soul amazing album is filled with songs that draw on real-life experiences and dance beats that captivate listeners’ ears and minds with motivating lyrics.

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