MUSIC – Kalan.FrFr Ft. Blxst – No Stoppin

Kalan.FrFr Ft. Blxst - No Stoppin

Kalan. FrFr is an artist hailing from Los Angeles, California. He has established himself as the head of LA’s new hip-hop generation because to his melodious flow and incisive lyricism. He joined Roc Nation in 2021 and dropped his debut album, TwoFr. He has returned and is anxious to inform everyone that he will be staying.

The native of California collaborated with music industry chameleon Blxst to produce a love song. Just in time for the summer, “No Stoppin” was released on Friday, June 24. Kalan and Blxst alternated telling the tale of a particular woman in their lives. They are prepared to fight through the relationship’s victories and keep their attention on the positive despite any ups and downs they may have.

The two musicians alternated between spitting some really relevant bars as the fast-paced R&B-inspired song played. Through her vocals, Kalan was able to make the chorus catchy and pleasing to the ear “I feel things and don’t require anyone. Everyone needs someone, you understand that.”

The second single from Kalan’s upcoming album, which will be released later this summer, is this song. Watch the brand-new love song right now on all devices.

Quotable Lyrics

I know you can find a better love in another one
We both know I’ll always be your other one
Always be the one to come through when you need it
Always be the one to patch your heart when it’s leaking

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