BKTHERULA Ft. Ski Mask the Slump God – THROUGH 2 U

BKTHERULA Ft. Ski Mask the Slump God - THROUGH 2 U

Rapper Bktherula is from Atlanta, Georgia, and specializes in rage music. As a result of fusing her captivating melodies with tight bars, the 19-year-old stands out in the music industry. Bk returned to the music world this year with the release of “Keep da K/Coupe,” and she is now here to reassure everyone that she has a promising future.

She dropped her single, “THROUGH 2 U,” with Ski Mask the Slump God on Friday, June 24. Over the eerie PerryVsTheWrld beat, Bk combined her pounding, assured rhymes with Ski Mask’s fast flow. Ski Mask’s frank, unfiltered bars and Bk’s equally strenuous delivery made for what seemed like the ideal pairing.

Bk’s new album is something that her followers have already heard because she isn’t afraid to challenge the limitations of conventional hip-hop. As a part of her Love Black project, she released “THROUGH 2 U” in 2021. Her choice to include Ski Mask the Slump God on the already celebrated album highlighted her concern for constructing captivating new musical landscapes.

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Quotable Lyrics

I turned her from upside down, you can’t take a n*gga crown
End up on First 48, if that n*gga talking down
I will not gun him down, I wanna be in Heaven h*e
N*gga text me he in town, we ain’t linkin ‘fore he go

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