Darkness: Led Into The Devil’s Trap- Fiction

Darkness is where the light does not reach anymore. After an unending length of time, its occupants became acclimated with irreverence and started to recognize the excellence inside the chasm.

They could without much of a stretch discover their chief close to them—the last similarity of splendid light. A memory of the lives they abandoned. Enough for some, while others can’t recall a second prior to dim.

The expense of their opportunity is disregarded, while the fallen partake in a daily existence they have in any case won’t ever envision.

A few… others can’t partake in the joys without laments. They like to search for somebody to fault for their mishaps. Dread of judgment makes them reluctant to discover an exit from the dim.

Their chief, the person who shared the product of information—he isn’t care for most of us. It’s realized that he is a refined man, with great taste and cash consistently appears to go with him.

Most glance at him with jealousy or blame, yet all consider him with scorn. Life can’t be lovely for a being who is disdained even by his nearest subjects. In spite of that, we generally see him cheerfully.

Jake’s Life Encounter In Darkness


The darkness has gotten excessively familiar. Once in a while I feel as glad as Lucifer himself, however regardless of how diligently I attempt, it is basically impossible to comprehend his game.

Its main impetus is odd and mixed up. We can see the light of him going through the darkness and everybody, even the individuals who disdain him, offer the ruler of darkness their penances.

There may be light external the cave. That thought is farfetched, yet for reasons unknown… it’s the solitary thing that keeps me rational. My lone possibility is to get away from the darkness. Despite the fact that I failed to remember the reason for my conviction, how long it will last or then again in case it is only my creative mind.

I used to appreciate languishing. Something changed. I feel like my eyes are at long last opening. There should be an approach to escape from this spot… if by some stroke of good luck… it would be crazy. Nobody can hinder Lucifer. However, perhaps. I should attempt.

I haven’t sorted it out. My endeavors have presumably fizzled on the grounds that he can hear my considerations. I should prepare to quiet my brain. Overwhelming him could assist me with taking his life. It very well might be futile. What else would i be able to do?

Darkness Fighting To Overwhelmed


His light is so wonderful. I can’t comprehend my interest when I see it. There is such a lot of that I can learn of it. I could sparkle like him. As I did as such some time in the past. Of course, it was distinctly for a moment, however I realize it was genuine.

There should be something past this prison. I need to figure out how to escape from it. I’m certain that the product of information is still inside me. In the event that I could open myself up and arrive at Eden’s natural product. On the off chance that I dared to do it, however I can’t. I’m powerless.

Somewhere around one of us had the option to get away. He kicked the bucket? I have the inclination that withering isn’t sufficient. I need to leave alive. Like Jesus did.

Darkness: Led Into The Devil's Trap- Fiction

Many Reasons

For what reason would he leave without us?

He didn’t leave us a sign. How are we expected to follow him? Sure… everybody around Lucifer is anxious to show us the way. Those are for the most part lies. How is it possible that I would trust the guards? There should be a way. I need to kill him. Taking his life may not achieve anything, yet it will give me joy.

Realizing that the reason for my… stop, you can’t allow those plans to thrive. Accusing others won’t assist me with discovering the appropriate response. I couldn’t say whether it is feasible to get away.

I should deal with my light prior to confronting him. It is insane to accept that I’m equipped for overcoming him. What else would i be able to do?

Live like the rest. Attempting to partake in the darkness as though I had no memory of the beauty of the light. In any case, since I mull over everything, it could all be the product of my creative mind.

I should make a solid effort to accomplish this objective… absurd! Lucifer doesn’t need to make a solid effort to overwhelm us. For what reason did I need to acknowledge his gift? I’m so powerless.

I would be advised to return to my daily schedule prior to raising doubts.

“Could you get me a bourbon?” .”

The Barkeep


The barkeep appears to be content. I ought to be content as well. Does he think about Lucifer?

Everybody here probably had a visit from him. It can’t be that I’m the only one the ruler of darkness chose to visit. There isn’t anything unique about me.

“Here you go,” said the barkeep.

Expectation this is sufficient to neglect. Jake thought, raising his glass to drink. Disregard his face…  never remember his manner of speaking and how the world appeared to shake with his words… forgot to remember the dread I felt when I saw him before me… fail to remember the sound of his stick hitting the ground and that it was so astounding to see him show up.

“Stop!” said Satan. “Stop what you’re doing.”

Yet, what did he mean by that? He realized that I was searching for an exit plan. He might have the option to guess what me might be thinking. Perhaps he simply needed to alarm me. I wish I could fail to remember his face. That way I could quit thinking that he is according to other people. Possibly, he is all over the place.

Was that similar shimmer in the barkeep’s eyes? There could be no other clarification. I expected to see you once more. Pay attention to my musings all you need. You will not have the option to keep me caught for long.

With that, Jake jumped onto the bar and crushed the vacant glass on the barkeep’s face. Then, at that point he got a jug and begun beating the man on the head.

“Allow me to leave, Satan