Technology: Developing Or Ruining Lives

Technology in no doubt, has transform many countries, into a better standard place. Therefore making people, to live an easy life, and creating instant development.

But with all these, easy lives that technology brings. Many people still find it difficult to fight, the crises within them. One major factor, is the greed of man, to know more than his limits.

These kind of men, involve in some black union, to create some fame, for themselves. Inventories by top Scientists, has no opposition’s body, to condemn nor doubts about their hardworks. We believe that knowledge comes from God, base on Christian’s doctrines.


Technology And Natures

Nevertheless many objects, that the existence of God is false. By so doing, the invoke and conduct rituals, making some sacrifices to the unknown. The ideology of men, has cause then so much pride, making them too proud.

Creating or building, robots, machineries and lots more. This isn’t wrong, but helps a long way, by making life easy, in terms of working life.

But some goes beyond, to acquire more indexed knowledge, by making their own, just to make names. Without proper Understanding, you will never realized how it works. Nothing goes nothing, now technology in our world, are used for destructions and causing violence.

Therefore many has researchers, has gone beyond limits, creating disastrous gas, that can terminate humans. All these comes to existence, for man to know which paths, he will belong. The world today has two parties, the “Yes and No”.

Awaking Era Of Technology

In the world of inaction, over promising and under delivering. The certainty of a man’s chance, to get rid of self destructions, is hardwork and friendliness.

Many people thinks, that they own themselves, but forgot so soon, that there are just strangers, in this land. Your hands has a role to play,in the aspects of industrialisation.

As all part of your body, has a role to play, you too has a task to perform, in the society you find yourself. A Terrorists, terrorise the lives of  individuals, by planting fear in them, with the use of technology. And the solution, lies in the hands of every citizen.

The terror of the States, whom was known as “Osama Bin Laden” the used of modern system, was an instrument. Many Attacks that occurs around the world, are being prompt by zeal for powers, and acquisitions of weapons.

When such Attacks takes place, many people will abadon their homes, some will flee  far away, for their lives. Houses, businesses, schools, hospitals will be destroyed.

All these are selfishness, ignorance, envy, which has find a place, in the heart of men. Over the past 5 years millions of people, has died due to some kind of disagreement, within those in high authorities. “Trying to make yourself a king, in a land of no royalty” – Edet Esah.

Crossing The Limits

There is a popular quote that says ” a predicted war, Neve overtakes a cripple”. There is something, that arouse the innerminds, which leads to most quick anger. In which it’s obvious that most people thought of themselves alone.

It’s true that you came to this world, without anything, definitely you will leave with not a single pin.

If this really Exist, then you must realize that, some seed planted by Team A, can later be watered by TeamB. And sometimes Team C, may end up harvesting it. In some circumstances, whereby you level your background, before embarking on a journey.

Returning after a long time, you will realize that, that everything is still intact.

Thinking about yourself alone, you should bear in mind, that you will surely one-day be joined with another generation. As such, bearing your name and acting under your authority.

When we create something,with an intentions to harm someone, or target a place. Forgetting that one of your own, might be hanging around that place, which you have set as target.

Injuries Of Experience

It’s often occurs mostly, in the game of soccer, which comes unexpectedly. When it happens to some people, they will turn to draconian, mannerless activities towards the act.

On a scary road, you may run when attacked, in the process, you will lost something more precious to you. Something irreplaceably, but can be acquired.

Now our world is changingchanging, People fighting crime with crime itself. Leaders not helping the masses, people seeking for unnecessary powers and authority. Top countries produces technology, that men will use  to make life easy. But other countries, are out there trying every effort, to bring in technology that will make the rule the world.

Our world system with the used of machines, has brought mankind into self destructions. Making them long after that ,which is not supposed to be, in their possession.

Our lives will be  on stake always, if proper care is not allocated to the new era system.